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Welcome to the team Trisha!

My name is Trisha, and I am a Support Coordinator at M&A Support Services.

I live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and have done so all my life. I love the multiculturalism here. I have a 21-year-old son who is very handy around the house as he is quite tall. I live with my son and his partner. We have two cranky, vintage dogs and a lazy cat and we love them all to bits, when they behave!

I am interested in the paranormal – the real ghost hunting stuff, not the fictional shows. I enjoy cleaning and hate cooking. My favourite food is Malaysian. I am not keen on Sports or Politics. My preferred season is Winter for sure and I enjoy spending down time alone playing silly games on my iPad. But I also love catching up with family and friends.

I recently travelled to Ireland for the first time. This is where my parents and extended family are from, and I visited their hometown of Portglenone. I would dearly love to go back one day as it was so beautiful and green. Imagine having an ancient castle ruin in your main street! We just don’t have that here..

My career history comprises of some Corrections / Justice work while I was at University and straight after that. A friend of mine was working in the disability sector, and I thought I would give it a go. That was over 37 years ago. I have worked as a Support Worker / Direct Care Worker, Outreach Worker teaching skills to people with disabilities, Case Manager, Advanced Case Manager, Family Outreach Worker, Team Leader and Support Coordinator. I have worked for both Government and Non-Government organisations.

I have seen so many changes and much growth along the way, from working for participants to working with them, from the closure of Kew Cottages and Janefield to where we are now with a myriad of accommodation options, from paper files to online files (am I showing my age yet??). Being in the field so long means I am passionate about what I do and love meeting new people and am humbled hearing their stories. I do not think this field is suited to anyone who does not have the time to listen to the stories of others and ensure, through the work Support Coordinators do, that they are truly heard, appreciated and supported. I am also working with a really vibrant and enthusiastic team and look forward to immersing myself in this role.

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