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Got a Question?

Below you will find answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. 

If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please click the 'I need more help' button to contact our team with your question. 

  • What is Support Coordination?
    Support Coordination is an NDIS funded service that helps you to understand, implement and get the most out of your NDIS plan.
  • Can I get Support Coordination in my plan?
    Not everyone will have Support Coordination in their plan. Generally, Support Coordination is given to people who will face barriers in implementing their own plan with out additional support.
  • What are the different types of Support Coordination?
    There are three different types of Support Coordination. Support Connection: a low level of support that helps you to start your plan by assisting you to connect with NDIS funded and mainstream services. Coordination of Supports: Assists you to build your skills and understanding of your NDIS plan. Help to connect you to services who will implement your plan. Specialist Support Coordination: Is funded for people who’s situations are more complex with the aim of addressing barriers and reducing complexities around supports.
  • What does a Support Coordinator do?
    A Support Coordinator will work with you to connect you with all the individual services you need to meet your goals. An M & A Support Coordinator will work with you to get the best out of your NDIS funding. Your Support Coordinator can: · Help you understand and implement the funded supports in your plan related to your goals. · determine each your needs and goals; · Link you to providers, mainstream providers and informal supports. · Communicate with support providers, to maximise the plan and its capabilities · Support you to negotiate your supports · Ensure your plan is on track, goals are being met and your budget is not exceeded. · Build independence · Monitor and record progress · Prepare for a NDIS Plan Review
  • Can a Support Coordinator help with my NDIS plan review?
    Yes. Support Coordinators can help you with your plan review. Several weeks prior to your meeting your Support Coordinator will work closely with you to document what has been achieved in your current plan. Your Support Coordinator will provide assessment reports outlining the progress you have made with your plan and provide recommendations for your next plan. During the meeting, a Support Coordinator can support you and your representatives. Your Support Coordinator can, if requested act as a point of contact for the NDIS.
  • Why choose M & A Support Services as your Support Coordinators?
    As an independent Support Coordinator M & A Support Services will find the exact service to meet your individual needs and goals. Our only purpose is to match you to the best service for you, a provider who is like minded and can help you achieve your goals. If you are not happy with a provider together, we change that. We do not have any agreement with providers to refer to them and are always looking out for exceptional providers to link you with.
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