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Welcome to the team Skye!

W E L C O M E!!!

We're absolutely ecstatic to announce the newest member of our team..... SKYE! Skye was keen to introduce herself and prepared this short intro for you all:

Hi My name is Skye and I’m a Support Coordinator at M & A Support Services.

I’m married with 2 young kids, 7 and 9 who are extremely active and very noisy. I also have a 13 year old Groodle who is our 1st baby, she is lovingly referred to as the grumpy old lady when we are out for walks.

I too love to cook, I especially enjoy planning and creating my kid’s birthday cakes. I feel it’s a prerequisite to love Japanese food to be a member of this team fortunately I do and make some mean gyoza according to my son. Travel is always on the agenda with some of my favourite places visited being, Japan, Cuba and Disneyland.

I began my career as a volunteer, working in a recreation department supporting individuals with an Intellectual Disability. From there I commenced my paid employment in the Disability Sector as a support worker in residential services. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to work in London as a support worker for 12 months I again had the opportunity several years later to visit an organization in Canada for a month. Over the years I have managed various services ranging from residential services, a Planning Team, Case Managers, Support Coordinators and a Day Service. More recently I had the opportunity to lead the inception of NDIS services for an organisation and support its growth and management.

I’m passionate about working in the Disability Sector and have been around for many changes. Most importantly I like to see the growth in people around me and find it’s the little things to you that might mean the world to someone else.

- Skye"

Skye joins us with a wealth of knowledge and experience under her belt and we know just how lucky we are to have her join our bright little team!

Please join us in making her feel especially welcome!

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