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Welcome to the team Shane!!

We've got exciting news!!!

Today, we welcome Shane to our team!

Shane comes with a wealth of experience and we're absolutely thrilled to have him on board. Please help us make him feel welcome and we hope you can all meet him soon!

For now, here is a little more about Shane:

Hi, my name is Shane and I am a Support Coordinator. I am married with 2 teenage children who are 19 and 14 and we also have a dog, Harlo who is also a part of our family. My background is Australian / Italian and I am the eldest of 7 children.

In my spare time, when I’m not in the kitchen cooking, or outdoors enjoying the sounds of nature, I love all kinds of different sports and yes, I am a Hawthorn tragic. I like to spend my time in front of a canvas where I am a self taught portrait painter, having painted for the Archibald Prize on multiple occasions. Painting is a passion of mine and I enjoy nothing more than to head to an art gallery or exhibition any chance I get. I have had big dreams of travelling and on my honeymoon, I had the opportunity to fulfil a dream and spend 10 days in Japan, experiencing the sights and culture, the peace and humanity.

Growing up living with a disability taught me that hard work, understanding and compassion is important and representing your beliefs is always worthwhile, no matter the reason. My professional background has been in disability and as of recent, I spent 4 years as a Senior Planner with the NDIS, where I developed an increased understanding of disability rights and how we can support each other to live amazing lives. Prior to this, I was working closely with people with a Disability as an Employment Consultant and as a Life Coach, where I achieved many wonderful things and seeing others grow and thrive - this is what motivates me.

I truly believe that understanding, passion and support are important when working with others, respect and hard work underpin everything that I achieve in life, and that’s what I bring to M&A support services. I'm looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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