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The wheels are turning this week...

How does Friday come around this quickly?

  • This week we managed to deliver a presentation to a small group of NDIS participants working with MacKillop Family services to provide information on how to navigate the NDIS and establish ongoing connections with MacKillop - This was super informative and the feedback was terrific!

  • We were able to continue to support individuals to apply for the NDIS - We can't wait to see their lives change for the better once they have access!

  • We were able to catch up with some brand-new participants, firstly to make them feel welcome, but to also develop strategies and plans on how to access necessary NDIS supports - Understanding this is really one of the most important steps!

Lastly, we did some exciting work with this special lady behind the scenes which we're really excited to see come to fruition... Watch this space for exciting things to come!

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