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Meet Frank!

This is Frank and this week we've been to explore the Melbourne Museum together.

Frank has had this planned for weeks and was so excited! Once we arrived a lady suggested that we view the dinosaur exhibit, so off we went.

Frank was a little quiet throughout the exploration, but later we came to find that he was simply taking in all of the sights and sounds as we wondered through an interactive part of the exhibit with a T-rex and some of what life might have been like millions of years ago when the triceratops roamed the Earth

We then moseyed on up to the bird section to be taught how the bird has evolved from dinosaurs - Frank wasn’t too interested in this! We finished up by viewing the VCE project section (wonderful work in display!) and without prompting on the way out Frank turned to us and said “there’s so much to see isn’t there?”.

This was fantastic as he isn’t often the first to prompt conversation. We have offered to come back to explore more next week and he agreed with a smile... looks like another trip to the #MelbourneMuseum is on the cards for us, we can't wait!

Has anyone else been and if so what was your favourite part?

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