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Incredible work from one of our own!

Our very own Shane is an artist and we thought this was just brilliant.... incredible work Shane, well done!

Here's a little something from the man himself:

“I have been a passionate , self-taught painter since the age of 15. I grew up admiring the masters such as Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and Cezanne. It was actually a pioneering indigenous artist in Australia, Albert Namatjira that got me started on painting, where I would spend hours after school, admiring and copying his works.

As I have continued to admire, I have developed a personal style around portraits, in particular, the face of a person, as I believe that’s where the pathway to the soul can bear so much as tell someone so much about a person.

As I have become more confident, I have put myself out there, submitting for the Archibald on 4 occasions and various other art prizes and exhibitions.

Being an artist with a disability, my interpretation of the world and what to be passionate about has greatly influenced my style and where I see myself with my work moving forward.

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